“Unleash Your Creative Potential Towards Positive Shift”

Unleash Your Creative Potential
Towards Positive Shift

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Accredited Coach Training Programs

FLOW Coaching International with its head office in Vancouver has already produced many graduates in Canada, and from January 2014, it will offer coach candidates in Turkey a holistic and innovative program with ICF ACTP (Accredited Coaching Training Program) accreditatio.


ICF ACTP is a coaching training and assessment program from the beginning to the end, that includes comprehensive directives on ethical rules and ICF coaching definitions. The FLOW Coaching International Program includes a comprehensive final exam that assesses mentoring-coaching, supervised coaching sessions and the professional coaching competence of students. Those who graduate from FLOW Coaching International's ICF approved, ACTP certified coaching school, can use ACTP to apply for individual ICF titles.

About FLOW

We assist individuals and organizations with a focus on executive performance, leadership presence, meaningful work, organizational engagement, creativity and innovation.


Başak Beleli
“What made this program different for me, was its authenticity. As a person who believes one can not coach without genuinely...

Alessandro Attanelli
-“Being a coach myself I’ve attended many courses. Therefore I can tell that your program is indeed ...

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