“Unleash Your Creative Potential Towards Positive Shift”

Unleash Your Creative Potential
Towards Positive Shift

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Coaching Principles

1. The client is innately creative. Creative capacity is existential to birth.

2. Life is a constant creation process.

3. The client is naturally whole and resourceful.

4. A whole is sum of it’s parts and all parts are dynamically interconnected. Every part is in the whole and the whole is in every part.

5. For sustainable results, an integrated approach to client’s life is essential.

6. The coach follows client’s agenda and knows that every individual is unique.

7. Every behavior is useful in some context.

8. The meaning of a communication is the response you get.

9. There is no such thing as failure. There is only feedback.

10. Mind and body respond and unfold from the same holographic, cybernetic structures. Anything that occurs in one part of the system will affect the whole.

11. What you know, think, remember or imagine shows your habits, beliefs and standards in using sequences and combinations of representational systems.

12. Our memory and imagination use the same neurological circuits. Therefore, our thought systems consider both equals.

13. The brain uses all 5 senses to understand (sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste) and starting from childhood builds a filter system accordingly. Experience and behavior is a functional by-product of the filter system used.

14. We can work with both conscious and beyond-conscious awareness, and both conscious and beyond-conscious communication.

15. If it's possible in the world, it's possible for every individual. It's only a matter of "how."

About FLOW

We assist individuals and organizations with a focus on executive performance, leadership presence, meaningful work, organizational engagement, creativity and innovation.


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