“Unleash Your Creative Potential Towards Positive Shift”

Unleash Your Creative Potential
Towards Positive Shift

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What is ICF Accreditation?

ACTP approved programs offer start to finish coach training, including comprehensive instructions around the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and ICF definition of coaching. ACTPs also include Mentor Coaching, observed coaching sessions and a comprehensive final exam that evaluates a student's coaching competency. Graduates of an ACTP program may apply for an individual ICF Credential using the ACTP credential application path. Programs must offer a minimum of 125 hours (Source: ICF official web site). FLOW Coaching® International Certification Program is an ICF ACTP program, ultimately leading it’s participants to a PCC credentialing.

FLOW Coaching® Model aims to inspire people toward;

- effective goal establishment,

- integral analysis of current situation and reality,

- building creative capacity for solving real-life problems,

- a capacity to generate possibilities,

- gaining a global perspective for transforming challenges into opportunities through inquiry,

- finding new answers that have not been there before,

- planning desired actions,

- creating meaningful results,

- offering a service that will add value.

FLOW Coaching® Model brings creativity and coaching together.

Our vision: Shaping Our Futures Through Creative Conversations.

At FLOW Coaching® we show our clients to focus on what is known as the ‘core of engagement’ that exists between life and work. Through creative coaching, they discover new paths to ease the flow of creativity which will bring their strengths to the fore.

About FLOW

We assist individuals and organizations with a focus on executive performance, leadership presence, meaningful work, organizational engagement, creativity and innovation.


Başak Beleli
“What made this program different for me, was its authenticity. As a person who believes one can not coach without genuinely...

Alessandro Attanelli
-“Being a coach myself I’ve attended many courses. Therefore I can tell that your program is indeed ...

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