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Parent Coaching Training

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Why to become a Parent Coach?

Parent coaching as both a profession and a service continues to grow bigger every year. The reason is that today’s parents are more stressed and busier than ever, but also more isolated from friends and family. They like the convenience, privacy and efficiency of paying a coach to work through problems and help them reach their goals on a one-on-one basis.

Parent Coaching is about implementation as well as information. The parent coach can impart wisdom and advice. Coaching may be about providing a role model. Many of today’s parents have their closest friendships with their co- workers at their place of employment. Often parents do not want to share intimate family concerns with co-workers. They also feel more comfortable talking about personal concerns in the privacy of their own homes and at their own convenience. Talking over the phone with their personal coach means that busy people do not have to drive to still another appointment.

Who is the program for?

Our Parent Coaching Mastery program is for;

  • Parents who want to adopt parental skills plus parental coaching skills towards assisting their child thru mentoring and coaching.
  • Coaches who want to get specialized and develop expertise in coaching parents.
  • Teachers and School Counselors who want to deepen their communication skills with parents through coaching and mentoring; plus who want assist the child with life coping and adaptation skills.

For Parents

A 2-day program in which mothers and fathers learn FLOW professional coaching skills, as well as how coaching and mentoring is done for 4 different personality characteristics that will enable them to get to know their child. The program will support the parent in identifying their child’s temperaments and help them develop the right communication strategies and behaviors. FLOW believes that each parent should be a mentor and coach for their own children, so the Parent Coach Mastery program enables parents to have the skills and methodologies in supporting them.

For Coaches:

The curriculum of our 2-day program supporting the development of coaches who are passionate about working with parents.

For Teachers and School Counselors:

A 2-day program where teachers and school counselors learn about FLOW professional coaching skills, as well as how coaching and mentoring is done for 4 different personality characteristics that will enable them to get to know their child. This program will help you gain parental coaching skills in developing your communication skills with parents plus it will enable you to be able to guide the parents in the right track. Besides, the Parent Coaching Mastery program is to assist you in skills towards identifying each child’s unique temperaments so that you can suggest strategies about assisting the child in adopting life coping skills and right track of adaptive behaviors.

About FLOW

We assist individuals and organizations with a focus on executive performance, leadership presence, meaningful work, organizational engagement, creativity and innovation.


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