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Parent Coaching

There is probably no parent who would not like to be sure that they have developed the right coping skills at the right developmental stage for their child to be on the road to becoming a healthy and happy individual.

A good number of parents want to see their child turn into a healthy adult. While raising a child, parents feel the need for support in order to be sure what they have done right, and where they have made mistakes. Hereby, FLOW Coaching International has taken on the mission to support mothers and fathers through this parent Coaching prog.

Each child is unique. So is each family.

The first mission of the FLOW Parent Coaching training is for mothers and fathers to develop their coaching and mentoring skills in order to get their child to adopt unique adaptation; the second mission is to raise and support coach candidate who would like to work within this field.

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As a society, we need to better support parents. In other societies, parenting is a different ballgame. There is plenty of extended family and support. We are an interdependent planet – we need to help parents. Life is about relationships and being interdependent, not doing it all on our own. When a problem does arise with their children, to whom can these isolated parents turn for advice? Advice from books and television psychologists can lead to what coach Natalie Gahrmann calls “informational overload.” Today’s parents want practical how-to advice that is directed specifically to their individual problem.

There is too much information available on how to be a good parent. Parent coach however, can filter, and help parents elicit which is the great stuff and to filter out distracting information. Books may give information about what to do, but parent coach helps you implement the right things. Each child is different and needs a different plan of implementation.

Today’s parents are busier than ever.

“One of the great challenges our society faces is balancing work and family. We value work for its role in producing and sustaining economic growth. We increasingly recognize the importance of strong families in building healthy and dynamic communities. But finding a proper balance between the demands of work and the needs of families is difficult. More mothers with children work than ever before. More single-parent households exist. Most people must work to provide for their families but feel torn between the demands of their jobs and the needs of their children, spouses and aging parents. At the same time businesses are finding it difficult to recruit, train and retain skilled workers.” - Mary E. Forsberg

Recent studies show that nearly two-thirds of mothers with children under the age of three are now in the work force.

59 percent of women with children under one year are employed and even among married-couple families, 51 percent are dual- earner.

Today’s parents are stressed for time

Families with children are busier than ever. They have to handle all the pressures of the workplace PLUS the family responsibilities and homemaking that women in another generation considered to be a full-time job. Is it any wonder that parent coaches said the number one problem mothers want to talk about is stress?

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