“Unleash Your Creative Potential Towards Positive Shift”

Unleash Your Creative Potential
Towards Positive Shift

Sosyal Medya Paylaşımları


M1 Awareness, Flow Coaching International

The Awareness Module is the Foundation of FLOW coaching. Four days of training, (28 hours of coach training). In order to become an effective coach, one should start with awareness about who we are and what vision we want to live in. This module trains the basic theory & practice of coaching addressing the following critical elements of coaching: ICF Professional Ethics and Principles. Building Trust and Intimacy, Establishing Agreement, Effective Goal Setting, Creating Compelling Futures, Creative Questions, and much more. At the end of this module you will able to competently conduct a basic coaching session.

M2 Motivation, Flow Coaching International

The Motivation Module will provide you as a coach with deeper understanding of how we can motivate and inspire our clients towards what they want to achieve. Here, we focus on expanding our consciousness about motivation. We will learn to work with emotions that help to increase intrinsic energy of our clients and barriers that decrease energy thus block the client from moving towards creative planning and achievement. This module provides the integration of shared and experiential application of all skills and tools at multiple levels.

M3, Creative Planning, Flow Coaching International

The Creative Planning Module will provide you with an expansive set of creative tools to dig deeper into FLOW Coaching. You learn how to assist your client to design the strategies and solutions for their own personal and professional objectives. In this module theory & practice are integrated with advanced creative tools and strategies. You will leave with a deep knowledge of FLOW Coaching and real means to assist and empower your clients to move forward in sustainable and meaningful change.

M4 Achievement, Flow Coaching International

The Achievement Module will enhance your coaching skills to support your clients to move towards meaningful results. You learn how to assist your client to refine their vision and goals. We will practice tools and strategies that will invite the client to reflect and project in a coaching session. You leave with the wisdom on how you will be assisting your clients’ vision and goals towards completion and achievement.

M5 Sustainability, Flow Coaching International

The Sustainability Module is about focus and resilience. In our modern world, many people have problems in focusing what is truly important to them. Procrastination is a common challenge for majority of people. In this module, we learn how to support our clients to keep their focus on what is truly meaningful in the mid and longer terms; how they can build daily actions and small wins to for progress. As a coach, you will learn to build a coaching presence that will help keeping your client on track by supporting them building resilience.

Mastery of Coaching: Practicum and Supervision

Practicum and Supervision is the integration module.This module will help you build the inner confidence in your journey of becoming a Professional coach. Practicum contains four (4) components:

  • 1) Twelve (12) practicum classes, 3.5 hours each.
  • 2) Supervision: Observed coaching sessions and feedback.
  • 3) Mentor coaching: Ten (10) individual coaching sessions via the telephone/Skype/ recording to be listened to by one of mentor coaches.
  • 4) Oral Coaching Exam to be done once you are complete with the classes and mentor sessions.

Supervision (Observed Coaching and Feedback Sessions):

Observed Coaching Sessions are part of the Practicum classes. We support students to build their coaching practice via different strategies. As part of their classroom teaching, there is peer-coaching practice with co-participants in triad format where each student experiences to coach, to be coached and to be an observer. In addition, students need to complete the requirement of tape recording in order to continue Module 2 where they submit three actual session tapes for personal review. All components of Practicum Module must be completed within one year of starting your Practicum Courses.

About FLOW

We assist individuals and organizations with a focus on executive performance, leadership presence, meaningful work, organizational engagement, creativity and innovation.


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