“Unleash Your Creative Potential Towards Positive Shift”

Unleash Your Creative Potential
Towards Positive Shift

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  • “What made this program different for me, was its authenticity. As a person who believes one can not coach without genuinely feeling it; I think that this program was different than other corporate trainings I attended, as it underlined “the coach to discover his/her true self and hence, to attain a much more genuine and sincere coaching style.” I recommend this program for everyone who wishes to experience coaching in its real form.”
    Basak Beleli, Kraft Foods / HR Work Leader & Organizational and Skill Growth Manager
  • “Being a coach myself I’ve attended many courses. Therefore I can tell that your program is indeed what we were looking for, a complete course on modern coaching program which met our expectations.”
    Alessandro Attanelli / Manager of Learning & Development The Walt Disney Company Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • “I didn’t attain FLOW Coaching International’s Professional Coach Certification program with big expectations. As someone who worked in HR for many years and attended numerous training, my only purpose was to learn some new techniques to enrich the assessment interviews some more. However with the first day, this training has become a journey of self-awareness. Besides teaching the techniques, applications and methods related to coaching quite systematically; it also gave me an opportunity to understand my own blocks and helped me find answers to questions I was refusing to ask myself. Talyaa Vardar is a great coach and educator. She also has strong observational and analytical skills. She has become a guide who holds a light in our self-journeys. You should get this training not only to receive a coaching certificate, but for your own good. The last day of the program is sure to become one of the unforgettable moments in your life.”
    Meltem Sozubir / Assesment Systems, Senior Consultant and Evaluator
  • “Talyaa helped us to realize that managers may be the most powerful learning and development resource in an organization. By using coaching, a Manager can help with employee development while focusing on his job.”

    Mercedes Benz Managers anonymous feedback (Leadership and Coaching)

  • “I can summarize the key wins through Action Learning Coaching that I had with Talyaa: • Questions that she asked created opportunities for me to reflect upon my true goals and expectations.
 • I realized that I can use some of my strengths (such as empathy) more effectively.
 • I defined the ‘ideal leader’ within myself; gained awareness about where this ‘ideal leader’ stands and how this leader can support work projects in the best way.
 • I realized that the Action Learning and Rainbow Projects have impacted my personal life as well.
 • I had the opportunity to analyze different ways to motivate my team and the value of giving individual feedback to my team members.
 • I now understand the critical value of knowing where I want to be before starting any project and how this will benefit myself and my team.”
    Neveser Zaim, Contact Center Manager, Pirelli Tyres

  • “Coaching is an amazing tool and I would like to thank Talyaa for guiding me to use her miraculous tools to organize my goals, every day thoughts and actions.“
    Gila Aylar, 
Senior Account Manager,
 RBC Royal Bank Canada
Takvime Gider
  • M1 Awareness
  • M2 Motivation
  • M3 Creative Planning
  • M4 Achievement
  • M5 Sustainability
  • Mastery Of Coaching: Practicum and Supervision



This assessment will help you discover if you are ready to commit to working with a coach on closing the gap between where you are now to where you want to be.

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Başak Beleli
“What made this program different for me, was its authenticity. As a person who believes one can not coach without genuinely...

Alessandro Attanelli
-“Being a coach myself I’ve attended many courses. Therefore I can tell that your program is indeed ...

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